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Debbi A. Ballard, INLC President

Debbi is the founder and CEO of International Network Liaison Corporation (INLC) in Mesa, Arizona. This firm provides marketing and management consulting for start-ups and established companies in the MLM ("multi-level marketing") industry. These companies are also referred to as "network marketing" companies. For two decades, Ms. Ballard has done consulting for these types of firms.

Consulting, Research, Analyses

  • Testifies as an expert witness in court cases involving MLM sales, marketing and management issues

  • was selected by one of the largest law firms in the world, Baker & Hostetler, to do the research and analysis for a substantive law suit initiated against a multinational MLM company. The selection came after the law firm spent thousands of dollars traveling the country over a two-month period interviewing other law firms and consulting firms. Ms. Ballard provided an extensive report and presentation to the law firm. The suit was subsequently dropped.

  • wrote a report on MLM that was used by the French Parliament to institute regulations covering certain consumer protection related issues and MLM

  • recognized as a leading MLM consultant who developed the first firm in the world providing comprehensive consulting services to both start-up and established MLM companies. This work included marketing and management consulting for both domestic and foreign network marketing companies and often involved extensive research and analyses

  • is known for her work in developing and consulting on MLM compensation plans, mergers and acquisitions, along with doing strategic planning and writing business plans

  • developed "Distributor Productivity Training Programs" to increase sales and recruiting activity

  • wrote "How to Succeed In Your Own Network Marketing Business", a book that assists distributors in building their businesses

  • has written and spoken on technology issues, including the use of the Internet, and how those technologies impact an MLM business

  • has assisted firms in conducting research on manufacturers and linked those firms to network marketing companies looking for suppliers


  • spoke at the National Association of Attorneys General Consumer Protection Conference in Washington, D.C. on consumer protection issues relative to multi-level marketing (MLM)

  • spoke at the National Association of Securities Administrators (western conference) on legal issues, consumer protection and MLM

  • addressed entrepreneurs at two different business conferences sponsored by Senator John McCain and Congressman Jim Kolbe

  • sat on the Small Business Advisory Council of U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon of Arizona

  • initiated ongoing research to continually stay abreast of changes that can affect a company relative to government regulations. Ms. Ballard used that research to assist MLM companies in preventing problems and in enabling them to make the appropriate adaptations to stay within legal boundaries.

  • is recognized by MLM industry leaders and government officials who have worked with her for her appeals to adhere to high ethical standards and to abide by appropriate legal parameters

  • created a government-industry liaison group that regularly discussed consumer protection issues and worked actively to prevent illegitimate businesses from flourishing


  • interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money magazine and many other publications on MLM business issues

  • interviewed by Japan's leading network marketing publication resulting in a two-part series on MLM/network marketing (was told that she was the only American whose such input was approved for publication in the history of that magazine)

  • asked to make presentations on MLM at business conferences in Russia and China, the latter for which she submitted a report on the evolution and future of MLM

  • while working with a trade association, interacted with industry leaders, attorneys and regulatory agencies to address ethical and legal issues

  • received an award by another MLM trade association for promoting high ideals to the MLM industry

  • spoke to the Securities Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission about MLM business regulation and enforcement issues

  • has written and spoken extensively about sales, marketing, ethics, management, and legal issues having been published in trade newspapers and magazines and spoken at industry and government sponsored events

  • developed communication materials for companies such as brochures and manuals, and produced strategies for firms to utilize email, the Internet, fax broadcasting, voice mail, teleconferencing and other methods to create loyal bonds with their customers and their sales forces

  • develops and edits MyNetBrief™, a monthly industry e-newsletter with thousands of subscribers around the world

B.A. and M.S. degrees from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

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