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"SIXTY Things You Should Know
About MLM Compensation Plans"

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Revealing! Shocking! A must-have report for absolutely anyone who is working in the MLM (or "network marketing") industry.

  • Don’t risk losing part of your income because you don’t know how certain often overlooked compensation plan qualifiers and policies can greatly impact bonuses
  • Don’t risk working a program that can make you and your company vulnerable to legal challenges because of the plan
  • Don’t risk losing prospective networkers because you couldn’t answer important compensation plan questions

For two decades, I’ve researched and analyzed MLM compensation plans AND developed them for MLM/network marketing companies. I am an expert witness in court cases and have been hired, as such, to give input on MLM compensation plans. Most people who have been in the industry a while know me for this and the other MLM marketing and management consulting services I have provided for the same period of time.

While I’ve written numerous articles on many subjects relating to the industry, including compensation plans, I have NEVER released all the information contained in this new report to the public except to companies that have paid me thousands of dollars in consulting fees. I haven’t done it…until now.

Why AM I doing it now?

The confusion surrounding MLM compensation plans has escalated with the introduction of new and varying plans. People have been contacting me with so many questions appearing to be so lost and overwhelmed, it became apparent that I needed to take the time to help out and write this report.

Please understand that I am not the last word on comp plans. There are many controversial issues surrounding certain plan aspects. I know that. I respect the complex issues attached to these plans, and, as such, would never be so arrogant to pretend to know everything. No one does.

But I do know quite a bit.

Now you can benefit from my twenty years of tedious research and analyses regarding the unique complexities involved in the development and real world applications of these plans.

I am going to share with you insights that you simply won’t get anywhere else,

insights that can help you

grow your business faster, smarter and on a more solid legal foundation.

Now the report doesn’t cover all plan related issues nor does it give you a step-by-step guide to build your own MLM compensation plan. That would take volumes.

However, many of the most important issues impacting your compensation,


issues I have never even seen addressed anywhere before, will be revealed to you.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How various, often overlooked, plan related qualifiers and policies can cause you to lose income

  • The roles played by management and others in developing the comp plan

  • The disastrous impact on companies that follow comp plan fads

  • A list of comp plan fads and their often unintended consequences for companies and their networkers

  • Advantages and disadvantages of various plans

  • How a plan is communicated is just as important as its structural elements and why this is so

  • Why networkers should look with favor upon a company that monitors and enforces plan related issues

  • What comprises a functional plan

  • What dysfunctional plans do that can destroy a company

  • Why the perceived "success" of an MLM company may not necessarily be the result of a strong comp plan

  • The roles played by different forms of recognition for varying achievements and how companies sometimes unintentionally demoralize their networkers

  • How certain plan aspects contribute to lower or higher retention rates

  • How the consistent neglect of one critical plan component has hurt many companies and their networkers

  • How a comparative analysis of certain specific company plans can be worthless

  • What is the controversy surrounding "compression" in a comp plan

These and many other topics are covered in my report,

"SIXTY Things You Should Know About MLM Compensation Plans."

Remember, I previously shared all this information ONLY to companies that paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees. Now, YOU and a wide spectrum of networkers, executives, and other industry participants will be better able to evaluate, grow and protect your businesses and your incomes after reading this report.

Are you going to have to pay thousands?

No. I want this information to be accessible to the industry at large. Some have told me that I should set a high price on this specialized report since some of the information is not available anywhere and all of it is so beneficial.

Get the Information You Have Been Searching for On MLM Compensation Plans for only $49.00!

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