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In MLM and Feeling Alone and Frustrated?

You Can't Seem to get Your Business
in High Gear?


Dear Networker,


You're working at your MLM business and even have a website but your business is not moving ahead the way you want.


Yes, online marketing can help you in your MLM business. No question about it.


But have you ever really learned the foundation of what it takes to reach your goals? Without that, you're going to just spin your wheels.


It seems like these days, most networkers purchase their own MLM websites from their respective MLM companies hoping that the websites will build their businesses. They use the websites to promote their MLM products and opportunity, but


they find themselves still failing to create

any meaningful income.


Sound familiar?


Remember this: online marketing still is "marketing."


Marketing in an MLM environment has many unique variables. Without understanding the peculiarities of this type of marketing along with some of the critically related management issues, your online marketing results will suffer.


Isn't it time you stopped spinning your wheels?


Get the information that readers say

totally change the way they look

at their networking businesses.

Then maybe you can

become the top income earner

in your network marketing company

like one reader did.


"How To Succeed In Your Own Network Marketing Business"

by Debbi A. Ballard, MLM Consultant and Expert Witness

Here's What You'll Learn:


-         how the entrepreneurial networker mindset can make a big difference in your income


-         why "selling" is not the bad word you may think it is and how important it is in MLM despite what anyone else tells you


-         what the "driving force" is behind your MLM business and what you must do to harness it


-         how you can target your prospective customers and downline networkers to find those most likely to buy and those most likely to join your program


-         how to present your product or service offering to get people to buy (includes working with individuals and/or groups)


-         how to effectively handle objections and rejections and turn them into purchases and/or sponsorships


-         how you and your downline can capitalize on trade shows


-         how to develop marketing strategies that help you to expand on a grand scale


-         how you can harness the media to create effective advertising and low-cost public relations campaigns


-         how you can use premium incentives and advertising specialties to help propel your business


-         how home parties can still be a profitable tool for your business


-         the management techniques that separate the big income earners from those who struggle


-         what you should incorporate in a training program for your downline


-         about important ethical and legal considerations in running your independent network marketing business


and much more!





Order today and you can have all this valuable information for only $6.95.


That's over a 50% discount on the normal retail price of $14.95.


Why are we offering this? The book has some resource references with contact data that has changed. (Those have been eliminated.) In addition, since people have been ordering the book ever since it first came out in 1991, the binding of the book is not perfect even though the cover and everything else is in fine condition.


So, less profits for us and you still get

the SAME great information.


Keep in mind that you should NOT order this book if you


-         are looking for information to actually tell you what to do in starting your own MLM company. This book is geared specifically to help MLMers build their independent marketing businesses.


-         feel you already know all of the important foundational marketing and management strategies to build your networking business


-         are looking for ways to build your business via Internet related activities (Ms. Ballard has written articles pertaining to this and hopes to produce another book focusing solely on that topic.)


But, you SHOULD order if you


-         just seem to be getting nowhere in your business


-         feel that you just are not receiving all the help you need from your upline and your MLM company


-         feel that too many other books just gave you fluff with no details and you WANT the details


-         relied too much on your website to build your business without ever really learning how to build a foundation first


-         have always been doubtful about some of the tips that are widely disseminated in the MLM industry (tips that can actually hurt your business)


-         are thinking about joining an MLM company as an independent MLM distributor and don't have a clear picture of what to look for in a legitimate program nor what would be needed to build a successful distributorship


Buy Now


Wishing you great success!

Debbi A. Ballard

MLM consultant, author, expert witness


P.S. Need to know a bit more about me?


Thousands throughout the world know me for my extensive research and consulting work in the MLM industry for over twenty years. There's much more you can learn by clicking here:Learn More.




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