Debbi A. Ballard's

"SIXTY Things You Should Know
About MLM Compensation Plans"

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"Quotable Quotes"

of Debbi A. Ballard, INLC Founder and President

On Success

"One's primary quest should be for internal peace and happiness that emerges from a commitment to serve God and others, along with doing one's best to live an honest, balanced life. True success in any endeavor can only spring forth from this foundation.

Also, whether or not "success" exists is all relative to one's goals and how one utilizes his or her available resources to achieve those goals. Some people with little resources have achieved far greater "success" than those with an abundance of contacts, monies, health, education, etc. The former may have achieved their desired incomes, lifestyles , and fulfilling spiritual and family environments, enjoying overall happy, balanced lives. Others with far greater resources may have achieved higher incomes but actually did not meet the income goals they set for themselves nor many of the other goals important in their lives."

On the Inherent Nature of An MLM/Network Marketing Business

"An MLM/Network Marketing Business is in the business of building and nurturing individuals to sell products and create productive sales forces. It is not merely in the business of selling products whereby the marketing and distribution channels can be changed at will without regard to the impact on its networkers. When a company understands this difference, management will clearly recognize the mandates for quality training and dedication to their networkers. Without that realization, the company will either fold or fail to maximize its potential."

MLM/Network Marketing Company Failures

"The main overall reason for corporate failures is underestimating the unique complexities and demands of this type of business. Not understanding the capital needs, lack of financial backing has caused thousands of start-ups to dissolve within the first year. Most firms without this backing cannot pay for start-up assistance. Without proper guidance from industry specialists regarding marketing, compensation plan, data processing and legal issues, in particular, it is very difficult to succeed. If the products are high quality, priced right, and the operations run smoothly, lack of training and dysfunctional compensation plans, are in my opinion, the other most common failure triggers."

On Long-Term Growth Potential

"The stimuli that cause an MLM/network marketing company to realize rapid growth often include the same factors that prevent it from succeeding long-term. Hyped up products and/or twists in compensation plans can cause a new company to explode. This has happened to the point where some firms have had over one million dollars in sales within their first month or two, and then folded within six months to a year. In a couple of cases, new food products were introduced and people thought they represented great repeat business potential. Also, their compensation plans had, what appeared to be, high payout percentages.

People flocked to these companies. But what really existed beneath the veneer?

Many distributors and their customers did not like to keep eating the same foods; some did not like the taste at all and never reordered. Since the margins on the food products were low, the actual payouts were very low even though the percentage amounts looked high. The companies tied the payouts to bonus volumes (one on the BV of case counts) and those bonus volumes were far below the actual wholesale cost. Hence, when people started getting their small bonus checks, they were in shock! The lesson to be learned is never to get caught up in the frenzy of an exploding MLM. Take your time to evaluate the company before making a commitment to any endeavor."

On Democracy and Business

"The measure of a government built on democratic principles is not how much that government provides for its people, but rather how well it empowers its people to provide for themselves and others. That is why the freedom to operate a business is an integral part of any government embracing democratic ideals."

On "Who Invented MLM?"

"I'll never forget that day. My son, Dale, Jr., who was maybe six or seven years old at the time, looked at me and, with great intensity, asked, "Did you invent MLM, Mom?" Taken aback by the question but not wanting to laugh, I thought for a few seconds, and then, as a joke, I replied, "Yes, honey, I did." I couldn't resist. But, by golly, afterward I quickly confessed and said, "Thanks for the compliment anyway!" It was really funny!"

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